Beeing the master drummer in the Ivory Coast National Ballet for a decade, and his collaborations with European musicians, has given him an unique musical toolbox from which he creates his music.

On this cd he expands from his former traditional lineup by including norwegian jazz and folkmusic performers. All the compositions are made by Diom de Kossa, but created in close relationship with his musicians, all well versed in African music.

The result, a wide variety of sounds and grooves, is Diom de Kossa!

Diom de Kossa – vocals, yadoh drums, dodo, percussion
Khalid Salih – bass, backing vocals
Kenneth Ekornes – drums, percussion, backing vocals
Olav Torget – guitars, konting, backing vocals

Kristin Asbjørnsen – vocals
Rolf Erik Nystrøm – sax
Eilif Gundersen – goat horns, norwegian alphorn, trumpet
Dolphos Kouadio Briscard – rhythm guitar (Mangahi)

Produced, recorded and mixed by Olav Torget in 2007–09. Mastered by Morten Lund at Masterhuset.
Coverdesign: Eva Karlsson. Cover and band photos: Hans Fredrik Asbjørnsen. Instrument photos: Peder Torget.
Released with support from Fond for utøvende kunstnere and Norwegian Council of Culture.
Thanks to Telemarksfestivalen i Bø

Baba Toulenga
My father’s shadow covers me
therefore I’m still alive, not yet dead
Everywhere I go, I’m covered by my fathers

Mangahi, be happy!
The wrestling match is about to start
and this time I will overcome my friend!

I thought I could call, and you would answer
I thought I could cry, and you would answer
but you do not respond, I’m still crying
I miss you

Kokoriko Africa
Wake up Africa! Why do you fight?
Everywhere you will find a brother
Do not hurt him!

If I have done you harm once, forgive me
if I do you something good
remember me for it

If I go to Bianko, I don’t stay long
for my opponent, dirty Sadia, is there
He will kill me, so I cannot stay long

If you grow peanuts or corn
do not let the monkey watch for you
Politiciens, we are not part of your war
let us in peace

Do not try to do what you cannot
Do not ask for me more than I can give


Everything I say and do, I do it for God/Nature
but still, my mother and my father’s blessing
is the most important thing for me

Yadoh Goua
You behave like no one has done it before
what I’ve done
What you’re doing to me, do you do it
to everyone, or only to me?

All compositions by Diom de Kossa and the band
All lyrics by Diom de Kossa