Det var som dei ikkje hadde gjort anna. Musikken frå dei to trioane snakka umiddelbart saman, leika med kvarandre, drog frå kvarandre og kom saman igjen. Åshild Vetrhus si vakre stemmeprakt vart kledd på usedvanleg vis av musikarane sine sterke personlege uttrykk, der dei polske Klezmertonane fall like naturleg som dei norske folketonane. Kvar for seg, og ikkje minst saman, skapar desse to trioane musikalske stemningar som er så vakre, særeigne og så sterke at dei garantert blir verande her i lang tid. Det vart samspel på Vossajazz i 2011 og utgjeving av felles plate med opptak frå Førdefestivalen i fjor.

Tindra and Kroke yielded moments of transcendent beauty

Norwegian female trio Tindra carries out songs and tunes through a fine interaction that involves vocals, fiddles and accordion. The music is by far based on ancient Norwegian folk tunes passed on through generations or found in folk music archives. However, Tindra also compose music, making contemporary folk music with catchy arrangements and distinctive sounds.

Tindra’s music shifts between being soft and tender in one minute and suddenly changing to a rough and energetic state in the next. The lyrics, for those who know Norwegian, offer a flight of the imagination into a world of cats in new shoes, blue goats and men with bad luck in love.

As well as extensive touring in Norway the group has done concerts and tours in Vietnam, India, Georgia og Sudan. Ever since the start in 2000 the trio has received great reviews both for concerts and albums. The debut album Lukkeleg vaking (Happily awake) was launched in 2006 and Den kvite hjorten (The white deer) came in 2009, and finally The CD Moder Norge was released in 2011. 2010 saw the beginning of a collaboration with the celebrated trio Kroke, one of Poland’s most experiences Klezmer bands. Kroke has toured the world for 18 years with breathtaking klezmer music, and their list of collaborators include violinist Nigel Kennedy. Summer of 2010 Tindra was happy to form a project in the company of Kroke. The two trios rehearsed for a few days and then presented a shared concert at the Førde festival and later at the Polish festival Sound of the North. The groups clicked right away in their collaboration, each trio so polished and professional that playing together appeared the most natural thing in the world. The teamwork continued in 2011 with a concert at the Norwegian festival Vozzajazz and with the release of a CD recorded at the Førde festival.

Said about Tindra and Kroke:
The music they made together was uplifting, exciting and joyous - Paul Petran, ABC Radio Nation, Australia
The Norway-Poland collaboration between Tindra and Kroke yielded moments of transcendent beauty - Steve Hochman,